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24 December 2012 @ 11:59 pm



we laid a thousand rooms to rest

my beloved f-list i am not responsible or motivated enough to spread myself over more than 3 platforms of social networking :c (and trust me it is taking TREMENDOUS effort for me to figure out what i'd do with a tumblr) i love you guys though please add me on twitter or just hang out with me on my blog okay?? i use lj for basically communities now and pirating arr so yeah xoxo gossip girl

this journal is 70 40% public and 30 60% not!! the 60% isn't actually all that exciting nor juicy (ABORTIONS EVERY WEEK) but it will contain any art/writings/etc that i don't feel immediately comfortable showing on public filter. also under cut: if i am feeling embarrassingly emotional!!

i write about music and art stuff mostly!! and anything that is of interest: books fashion (sexy) politics oh and my life as a bad, TERRIBLE, academically challenged student. most of the time i'll add you back, but if i don't i am just being forgetful, pester me in the comments with a reminder if it's taking me ages!
28 June 2010 @ 03:13 am


omelette with cheese and garlic potatoes at 14th and Main


TOWA TEI - Big Fun (2009)

until next time (it is summer now so it will be soon i promise, a-as soon as i finish my fall internship cover letters..)

20 April 2010 @ 05:10 am
oh god school breaks me every time around this year (i checked, my entries are all like this this time of year) but I THINK I AM OVER THE WORST OF IT OH MAN. that was a miserable few weeks + spring break + 20th birthday (spent most of it studying for a bio exam ha ha ha AWEOSEMR ) but i am so ready to put on my homeless baglady cardigan and totally slack off w/o feeling as guilty nowabouts.

i drew some! i was feeling creative after watching my dog barf a little bit in my bed but swallow it back up just in time. so inspiring i'll let you guys see it later (drawings not vom)

re: seoul fashion week check out my favorite photos from the whole stupid thing from my hanguk sister from another mister shini. pretty badass:

also here's a mix for april/may/the weird rainy pollen-laden spring we are having here!!!

01 THAT'S ALL (GENESIS COVER) Clare & The Reasons
02 DREAMIN' Fedburg
04 I.D. (FEAT. M-FLO VERBAL) Iconiq
06 BEAUTY Gliss
07 사랑 (LOVE) Small Acacia Band
09 THURSDAY Asobi Seksu
10 유효기간 (DATE OF EXPIRATION) 8eight
11 HYPNTZ Dan Black
12 TERRIBLE LOVE The National


i promised myself i would catch up on everything i need to do by this week, which really means by the end of this month.
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20 February 2010 @ 03:05 am

my sleep pattern is waaaack. i keep having nightmares about this. a-at least i think they're nightmares omo omo

insomnia is old hat news: haven't slept well for about a year and a half now. on average i basically work off of 4 hours of sleep and go about my day with that. i've given up enjoying sleeping, because i never wake up feeling refreshed. i just stopped talking about it pretty much altogether on here, though if you go back a bit you'll notice the sleep tag used a lot haha. it got worse all of a sudden recently? i'm not sure, there's not really a stress trigger like there always was. it might just be from living here. i always do end up feeling a bit suffocated, no matter where i am. it's always a bad sign once i put the radio dept. and elliott smith on replay lolol

11 February 2010 @ 06:29 pm

i made a picspam of the first episode. SO PRETTY THIS DRAMA. everyone should watch this. the prettiest tinkly background music (a mix of rugrats and a wes anderson film, and a pinch of sunny twee alt-rock The O.C.-style...except korean) and two very good actors as the leads with very natural chemistry. yeah the leads-- I LOVE LEE SUNKYUN aka "ahjusshi" from Coffee Prince SO DREAMY IN AN OLD MAN WAY. and i looooove gong hyojin, ever since Ruler of Your Own World where she acted  the shit out of a secondary character role and i kind of spent the whole time wishing she would be out of the blue paired with lee donggun. plus, kind of a shallower reason but when i found out she's bffies with bae doona i was all MAN THESE GIRLS ARE COOLLLL and then i ate a piece of cake feeling inadequate in my own coolness. but whatevs WATCH THIS DRAMA GUYS. youtube link

pasutta Collapse )

18 January 2010 @ 05:42 am

MY HAIR GROWS SO SLOWLY. i swear imma make a weave out of my dog's fur
i hope everyone had lovely holidays!! i did really well on my finals and was going out alot celebrating and feeling social and not the premature catlady grandma i usually am! but now i've relocated, left LA for the semester to see what i can do to help out at home and finish my GE and stuff. i kind of miss the LA smog, i was coughing for like a week because my lungs weren't used to such clean air lols

i spent all day baking cookies and got sick licking the frosting off my fingers, it was a productive day overall! meanwhile i am still broke as a joke, why won't someone hire meeeee
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12 December 2009 @ 05:21 am

uhhhhhh finals
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24 November 2009 @ 12:52 pm

i uploaded like my billion julian casablancas photos up on flickr (i will tell you in advance that it is like 300 shots of the same thing hooray!!!) i put a few of my favorite shots under the cut but it's julian he is always beautiful~~*~*~ (except when he is all de-bloated and post-rehaby and looks kind of like a a baby vulture hhhrrmmmmm!!) it was a good show, you know what to expect with the strokes. they always sound the same! it's reliable. opening acts made me want to bleed out of my ears however.


i broke down and played christmas music yesterday afternoon alone in the apartment while in me skivvies. i broke my own rule of 'only after thanksgiving' :c but whatever it was fuckin WORTH IT!!!! bob dylan's christmas album is on heavy rotation atm. it's the first time i'm excited to be home in a while (flying thanksgiving), but i'm only in norcal for 4 days and have a crapton of things to do but WHATEVER IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT FOR HOME-COOKED FOOD?? MAYBE?? i don't know imma go drive to the korean fried chicken restaurant.
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22 October 2009 @ 05:17 pm
ohhh my goddd i'm dyyyinnggg

i actually took an effing midterm yesterday morning with a fever

it was an in-class essay about keats but i may have gone on a tangent for about two paragraphs about bright star and how ben wishaw has rape eyes, but somehow that makes him more attractive, because actually he is so tiny he couldn't even push you, so like the entire contradiction of his person is very compelling, much like his poetry WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT

updated my flickr! warning mostly just lots of drunk koreans hmm. (and also can i talk about how amazin [info]urban_stereo is ahhhhhhhh thank you again 친구야아~ᅡᅡᅡᅡ~~!!!!!!! <3333333333)

hay listen to this sexyass passion pit remix by that yasutaka nakata dude from capsule
i spent all day so far coughing up phleeeegmmm (yummy) so gonna go back to doing that now, peace
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08 September 2009 @ 02:07 am
i have actual things to say but no time/energy/i feel like puking at the mo. i will just throw up this september mix that i made last night because i couldn't sleep a wink. hence the slight incoherence of it perhaps, or should i say genius (no it's incomprehensible honest)

01 | M83 Run Into Flowers
02 | JAY-Z (FEAT. ADELE & KANYE WEST) Never Chasing Pavements (Urban Noize Mx)
03 | JULIAN PLENTI Only If You Run
05 | JAVELIN Lindsay Brohan
06 | MSTRKRFT (feat. John Legend) Heartbreaker 
07 | CLUES You Have My Eyes Now
10 | SUNSET RUBDOWN They Took A Vote And Said No
11 | THE STROKES 15 Minutes
12 | CHRIS GARNEAU Baby's Romance
13 | THE TEENAGERS Homecoming

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